Kids' Camp

Kids flyfishing camp

Our kids camp is now in its 16th season. We have taken so many of our local children fishing, that some of them are now coming back to us to work in the shop or to teach kids camp themselves!

We started kids camp as a two-day adventure, but this was too hard for some of the parents, so now we do single day 4 hour sessions.

We hold kids camp from the middle of  June through the Friday before Labor Day Monday through Friday. Special camps can be held anytime with a minimum of 3 participants. We can also hold advanced kids camps with a minimum of 3 participants

Kids camp is for 7-13 years of age. We stand firmly by the minimum age. It is simply too difficult for a guide to care for a 6-year old and some other children. 

Safety is our main concern, we will take your children to safe places and teach them about wading safety and etiquette. Other topics include bugs, equipment, casting, and fish habitat. Our young enthusiastic guides will make this a fun and rewarding experience.

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